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Busy time here at The Kustom Shop – Auto Collision and Accessories! We always tend to get the fun Jeep projects up on facebook, but here’s the time where I show you the rest of what we’re doing. Auto Collision, that’s our #1 bread and butter. And we’ve got a lot of it going today.

The Kustom Shop Lincoln’s Friendliest Body Shop

The Kustom Shop Lincoln, Nebraska’s Friendliest Body Shop – We Make Friends By Accident! 2166 Magnum Circle Lincoln, NE 68522

the kustom shop lincoln ne

Hybrid Toyota pickup still under consideration

As the de facto debutante ball for pickup trucks, the State Fair of Texas serves up as much sheet metal as scuttlebutt. After Ed Laukes, the group vice president of marketing for Toyota, told Automotive News reporter Laurence Iliff that power trains would be “a big piece” of the planned upgrades for the Tacoma, Iliff asked about the possibility of a hybrid pickup. Laukes answered there was “absolutely no reason” a hybrid Tacoma couldn’t be done, and that the need to satisfy CAFE requirements meant “there’s no option that isn’t on the table.” Laukes’ comments echo those of the president of Toyota Canada, who said of hybrid pickups earlier this year, “I’m not saying there’s demand for one today, but we’ve looked at it seriously.”

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The statements don’t mean much by themselves; a long, ruthless road separates a carmaker’s war room from the dealer’s showroom, littered with ideas killed during the march from the former to the latter. The hybrid pickup idea has been a wily survivor at Toyota HQ, though. Remember the Toyota A-BAT concept hybrid pickup from 2008? The A-BAT went from imminent arrival to indefinite hold in a year (and with it died Toyota’s plans for a small-displacement diesel). In 2011, Toyota announced a collaboration with Ford to bring a hybrid pickup to market. Less than two years later, the tie-up had gifted the world little more than an acrimony, a public break-up, and assurances that both automakers would keep production hybrid pickups on their big boards.

Battery-assisted haulers are on the way. In January, Ford announced plans for a showroom-ready F-150 hybrid by 2020. Behind-the-scenes types posit the arrival of a next-gen Jeep Wrangler hybrid pickup and a mild hybrid in the Ram lineup. Third-party fleet specialists like Workhorse and XLP plan to sell retrofitted hybrid pickups next year, a development certain to massage consumer hearts and minds; Bob-Lutz-approved VIA Motors expects to move 50,000 such vehicles by itself. Having mulled the idea for so long, and with so much imminent movement in the segment, and with a Toyota hybrid already doing righteous work in the Lexus NX 300h – which weighs about the same as a Tacoma – we don’t envision Toyota staying out of the game for long.

Article Source: – Hybrid Toyota pickup still under consideration

Hyundai gives 3 millionth car in America to hurricane hero near Houston

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Hyundai has just crossed a significant milestone in its history. Since the company’s introduction to the American market back in 1986, the company has now sold 3 million cars here. The three millionth is a new Elantra sedan, a handsome, competent car that we don’t find to be terribly exciting unless it’s the Sports model with the turbo engine.

But we’re certain the owners of this new Elantra are pretty excited regardless. See, Hyundai didn’t exactly sell the 3 millionth American Hyundai. It donated it to Henry Rogers, a paramedic field supervisor in Baytown, Texas, near Houston. His town was pummeled by Hurricane Harvey, and he was out helping people for two days straight.

Unfortunately, while he was out helping the citizens of Baytown, his family’s home was being swallowed up by water. Neighbors came by to rescue his wife, three adopted kids, and three dogs. Everyone came out all right, but the house and its contents were lost. So for Rogers’ contribution to the town, and for everything his family lost, Hyundai saw fit to get them started on the right foot with a fresh car, and a fairly historic one no less.

Article Source: – Hyundai gives 3 millionth car in America to hurricane hero near Houston

The Kustom Shop Lincoln Nebraska, The Kustom Shop Lincoln Ne, Car Repair Cartoons, Auto Repair Cartoons, Cartoon Auto Repair, Cartoon For Kids

The Kustom Shop Lincoln Nebraska, The Kustom Shop Lincoln Ne, Car Repair Cartoons, Auto Repair Cartoons, Cartoon Auto Repair, Cartoon For Kids

The Kustom Shop Lincoln – Auto Repair and Transmission Service – Enjoy miles of Carefree Driving

Auto Repair and Transmission Service
The Kustom Shop Auto repair services have assumed more importance than ever. Naturally, car owners like to take good care of their cars. A car is definitely an exorbitant investment. You need to protect it and have it serviced from time to time to ensure it runs smoothly. Whether it’s a minor problem or a major problem, when it comes to auto repair, make sure you hire professionals. They will repair your car in the most professional manner. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to them. They will do everything in their capacity to ensure your car is repaired appropriately and effectively. They will fix your car at competitive prices.

Whether its car and brake repair, transmission repair, cooling or anything else, a reputable Transmission shop will do it all. They have years of experience and expertise backing them. A comprehensive transmission service is bound to ensure optimum car maintenance. Car transmission is something that definitely cannot be overlooked. A car transmission service will keep your car in equilibrium with its engine and drive train. It will ensure proper control and varying driving speeds. You car will be tested and your transmission pan will be examined. This is to determine if your transmission problem can be fixed without the transmission being removed from the vehicle. It is imperative that your transmission is rebuilt, overhauled or reconditioned.

Every car owner understands the need and importance of timely oil change. Oil changes are highly effective. The benefits of having your oil changed are multifarious. One of the most significant benefits is a clean engine that will run smoothly and effectively. The oil change will rid your engine of debris buildup. You can also enjoy better mileage and improved engine performance. A clean engine enhances lubrication; this in turn ensures more gas mileage. Thus, you can get the most out of your gas by having your oil changed. Furthermore, oil change ensures smooth functioning of your car’s internal parts. It also reduces the risk of engine failure to a great extent. Last but not the least, oil changes also prevent early wear and tear.

Tune ups are also essential to ensure your car functions at its peak efficiency. If you want to experience the most sophisticated driving pleasure and to enjoy miles and miles of carefree driving year after year, tune ups are a must. It will save you a great deal of money and stress in the long run. You need to ensure your brake pads; battery, fluid and tires are functioning well. For instance, if your brake pads are damaged, it might lead to a fatal accident. A tune up will take care of it. It will also ensure your battery lasts a long time. Without the battery, you cannot run the car. Deflated tires can also lead to serious accidents. By inflating them and getting they checked once in a while, you can avert potential disasters.

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Article Source :- Auto Repair and Transmission Service – Enjoy miles of Carefree Driving

The Kustom Shop Lincoln Nebraska Happy Dance

Come see why we’re Lincoln’s friendliest body shop! We make friends by accident!

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The Kustom Shop in Nebraska

Lincoln’s The Kustom Shop in Nebraska: Your One-Stop Shop for Vehicle RepairNeeds

A leading name in the field of auto repair, the Kustom Shop was founded in the year 2004 and serving its customers since then. They take care of the needs of their each and every customer and strives to satisfy them by providing excellent services.

Lincoln’s The Kustom Shop offers a wide range of top class services. Their services include –

The Kustom Shop in Nebraska

  • Dent repair and removal

They are experts in removing dents from the body of motor vehicles.

  • Hail damage repair

When a hail storm hits, it is almost impossible to avoid the damage it does to your vehicle. But the Kustom Shop repairs the hail damage by following a quick and easy process.

  • Windshield repair

If your windshield is damaged, it can be quite frustrating for you. If you have a crack or chip that is 6 inches or smaller, then the windshield can be repaired with ease from the Kustom Shop.

  • Fender repair

Is your fender damaged? Don’t worry, as the Kustom Shop uses latest technology to perfectly match the colour of your vehicle and make your fender look new again.

  • Bumper repair

The Kustom Shop offers top quality bumper repair service to their customers.

  • Auto painting

Is the paint of your car looking faded or dingy? Then you can take the auto painting service of the Kustom Shop that is done by experienced professionals.

  • Paint repair

Specializing in paint repair services, the Kustom Shop can make your car look new.

  • Insurance work

They offer insurance work as well, according to your needs.

For more information about their services, please visit: the kustom shop lincoln ne

About Lincoln’s The Kustom Shop

In the year 2016, Campbell Automotive LLC purchased this company. Today, they have a great customer support team with greater knowledge of the market, products and services. So the next time your vehicle needs repair, go to the Kustom Shop.